Halloween Horror Nights? Check

My best friend and I actually went on september 15th for opening night. I go to a lot of halloween haunts every season but this one is consistently one of my favorites just because of the quality of the product. This year we went all out and got the RIP tickets, which are totally worth the price if you’re a person like me who only goes once a year and wants to do everything multiple times. It includes, valet parking, buffet dinner, unlimited front of the line for all rides and haunted attractions, and a guided tour of all the attractions. For me personally the unlimited front of the line alone was worth it.

There are plenty of full reviews of the whole event on the internet. I highly suggest Theme Park Adventure for all your haunt needs.  I’ll just be highlighting my favorites of the 2017 season. If you want to know which mazes and scare zones I loved, just keep reading.

Just a little warning because I want to be considerate of everyone, I will be posting a video with strobe lights, so if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, please don’t press play.


I guess we’ll start with my favorite scare zones since this year I honestly liked them more than most of the mazes. Toxic Tunnel was so much fun! There wasn’t much to it visually. It was essentially just a tunnel full of black lights, strobe lights, mutant utility workers, and loud EDM, but the scare actors had such good energy. They really made it. I feel like it’s harder to scare people in an area full of light than it is to scare them in the dark and these talented scare actors got some good scares while I was in there. The whole back story to this scare zone is there were some utility workers working in the tunnel, and a pipe full of this toxic gas burst, thus turning them into mutants we see here. It’s so much fun in its simplicity.  Definitely worth the trek up the hill.

Here’s a little iPhone video walk through. Again, I want to stress their are an obscene amount of strobe lights in this video, so please please please if you’re sensitive to that kind of  stuff.


Once you exit the Toxic tunnel and walk down the hill, you reach the metro sets. That is where you encounter Urban Inferno. All hell has broken loose in this fog filled labyrinth full of goat headed executioners and demons waiting to welcome you to hell. Once again, the high energy of the scare actors really made this one. You walk through the labyrinth and at the very end you encounter the towering demon King and Queen. These scare actors are on stilts and Universal never fails to find the best stilt performers. One second these performers are jumping and running around very condensed crowds, then the next they’re crouched down scaring guests in their face. They’re so fun to watch. My friend I went through it twice. Once while the sun was still out, which gave us the opportunity to really appreciate the amount of detail in the costumes, masks and sets. Then we went through again once the sun went down which really increased the scares. I took a little walk through video I took while going through it at night.

My favorite mazes were Titans of Terror and Ash Vs Evil Dead. I am a huge fan of Ash Vs Evil Dead and the movies so we will talk about that one first. I binge watched the show with my friend in a small period of time that I am low key ashamed to admit. It was super cool to walk through this maze because it was just like walking on set. Any fan of the show and movies will love this. I don’t have a walk through video of the mazes because I don’t like to distract from the experience. It’s different than walking through a scare zone but I do have a couple of still photos of the facade, which was Ash’s trailer.

Sadly, I didn’t get photos of Titans of Terror but I loved it! The first room shows a child getting ready for bed. His room is covered with Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, and Jason Voorhees. I was take decorating notes for my own room while walking through. Once you leave his room, his nightmares are unleashed to torment you. Freddy, Leatherface, and Jason unleash their own unique brand of hell. It was so much fun I made my best friend go through it twice. Do not miss this one!

Those are my favorites from this year’s Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood! Have you been yet? Are you planning to? What’s your favorite?

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