A mini Halloween Lush Haul

Get Lush Hallowee things? We’ll give this one half a check because I still need to pick up the rest of the range.

I have the sweetest family. My sister’s birthday was on the 2nd and this past Sunday my parents went to visit her and take her shopping and to dinner for her birthday. They stopped by Lush and my sister ended up getting a few things for me, even though it isn’t even my birthday.  She’s the best!!

My sister picked out the Lord of Misrule bathbomb, which is forever one of my favorite scents. It’s a warm, kind of spicy black pepper and patchouli scent. It’s my favorite after the Frozen bath bomb. It turns your bath water red and green. I love how warm and relaxed it makes me feel. I highly recommend this one.

She also picked out the pumpkin bath bomb. This one has pimento, vanilla, and cinnamon. It’s essentially the least pumpkin-y smelling pumpkin scented bath/body product I’ve ever encountered and I think that’s part of why I love it so much just based on scent. I’m not a big fan of overly pumpkin scented things. I know! Revoke my Halloweeny card. The other part of why I love it so much is because the actual bath bomb is a precious little jack o’ lantern. Super cute! This is my first time getting this particular bath bomb. I can’t say if I recommend it yet but I will update once I use it.

The last thing she got me is the Bewitched bubble bar. I’m so excited to use this one! It’s brand new this year! It’s in the shape of a little black cat with yellow eyes and nose. It’s berry scented! Smells so good, just like everything else at Lush. It’s a very sweet berry scent. I’ve seen demos online and it turns your water black!! I’m so excited to use this!

I’ll post reviews and photos as use each product for those interested.

What season offers your favorite seasonal Lush products? Answer in the comments!

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