An open challenge…

I challenged myself to blog everyday for the month of  Halloween. Yes, there is no october, only halloween. And quite the challenge it is proving to be. I’ve made it a week! I don’t want to break that streak so I need help. I have a few non-makeup, halloweeny posts planned but I want to do some Halloween looks/ tutorials. I’m just having trouble coming up with what to do. What kind of makeup do you like to wear for Hallowen? What kind of makeup would you like to learn?

Back when I was blogging sporadically, this was so easy. I feel like a lot of the stress I’m feeling now is not just from this, but also from life changes I’m making. I’ll tell you guys more about that once everything is set in concrete but for now, all I can really say is, I am so excited!!

So yes! I give you an open challenge. Try to stump me. Give me an obscure idea or concept for makeup in the comments. Let’s get weird!

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