I am the kind of girl who uses a planner…

I try to keep my nerdier interests on the down low but I feel like planning, and decorating your planner has become such a popular thing to do recently that I thought maybe I should share mine. If you want to see what I’ve done and what I’m doing with mine just keep reading.
I got the uptown chic planner from recollections at Michael’s craft store because it has frenchies on it and because of the color scheme. I’ll go more into that if there’s any interest later. I really just want to share my first October spread!

It’s sloppy but! In my defense I had taken a month off from actually decorating my planner while recovering from surgery and I’ve only been doing this for a relatively short time and I was just starting to find my decorating style so that month kind of made me forget.

If you’re interested I used the orange from the tube and the washi and stickers from this sticker book. I got everything at Michael’s. They had a 40% off Halloween washi tape and stickers so I may have gone a bit crazy.

Here are a couple of spreads from before I had surgery to give you some reference as to the direction I was going with my decorating.

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3 Responses to I am the kind of girl who uses a planner…

  1. Aji says:

    I’m a member of a goth planner group on facebook. You should check it out.

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