My Killer Workout Schedule

I know I haven’t posted as much as I’d like about my fitness and weight loss journey but that’s because up until now, I haven’t really noticed “enough” of a change in myself. No matter how much I lose, it’s never enough. I post about it more on instagram (@jennalacer0miedo if you care to follow along) than I do on here but I feel like if I write about working out as consistently as I actually do work out, that will help me maintain my level of motivation.

Before I  write anything else, I just want to stress that I am by no means a doctor or a certified personal trainer. This is just what my trainer and I have found works for me. Keep reading if you want know what I do at the gym.

I start every workout with 10 minutes of  static stretching, followed by 5 minutes of foam rolling,  5 minutes of some sort of cardio warm up, usually elliptical, and then 10 minutes of dynamic stretching. I suffer from chronic back pain so warming up is very important to me. I do this everyday before every workout.

My “main” workouts all consist of some combination of weightlifting and boxing. I target different areas of my body on different days with the weightlifting and some days I do just boxing. I don’t have a set schedule for what areas I target on which days. It’s usually just something that I didn’t work on the day before but the boxing is always pretty consistent. I hit the bag and mitts for 30 minutes. Boxing has really helped me improve my cardio endurance. It’s quickly become my favorite thing to do at the gym. I’m hoping that once I get my back under control, I can start learning more submission based fighting but that’s a long ways off.

I also do 45 minutes of cardio after every workout. I like to switch up which machine I use for cardio as it’s the most tedious part of every workout. I usually rotate between stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, and stairs. Stairs are my least favorite but they get the most results in the shortest amount of time.  After the last round of cardio, I do another 10 minutes of static stretching, another 5 minutes of foam rolling and end it with 15 minutes in the sauna.

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