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Soooo I had the most magical smelling mail day EVER yesterday! 

I got two of the most lovely, magical smelling packages in the mail yesterday! the first one was from scentsy. My warmer, wax bars, and car bars arrived. The second was from The Fizzy Filly. My custom order bath bombs, … Continue reading

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Perfume roulette

I have been kind of “keeping up” with my perfume roulette idea. “keeping up” in the sense that I have continued to wear a different perfume everyday, and kept notes on scent notes, how it wears, how the scent evolves … Continue reading

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I am in this funk.

Ever since I started this new job a long three weeks ago, I have been very stressed out. Not because it’s a difficult job or anything like that; I actually feel like I’m getting the hang of it. However, I … Continue reading

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My adventures in weight loss land.

I want to talk about weight loss, dieting and working out. It’s constantly on my mind and I do it everyday so I thought it might be a good idea to share my struggles on here. I know weight and … Continue reading

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What’s in my shower?

I got this idea from a youtuber, GwenInRealLife, I found her while surfing youtube trying to fill the Lush shaped hole in my heart. I haven’t bought anything new from Lush since February or early March but I digress. Being a … Continue reading

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So after weeks of nothing…

I finally decided to wear makeup. Yesterday was my first day on the job unsupervised so I thought I would do an almost full face of makeup to give me a little confidence boost. If you want to know how … Continue reading

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Just a little life update

I know I’m always saying I want to/will blog more often but there’s a good reason as to why I haven’t been doing so lately. I am about two and a half weeks into this new job. Today will be … Continue reading

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