Zero regrets because Disney Halloween Clothes!

The Cakeworthy brand has been popping up on my social media feeds a lot lately. They recently released their first collection that’s officially licensed by Disney these two Halloween themed things I go were part of that collection!  This is going to be a super short post but if you want to see what I got, just keep reading!

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A mini Halloween Lush Haul

Get Lush Hallowee things? We’ll give this one half a check because I still need to pick up the rest of the range.

I have the sweetest family. My sister’s birthday was on the 2nd and this past Sunday my parents went to visit her and take her shopping and to dinner for her birthday. They stopped by Lush and my sister ended up getting a few things for me, even though it isn’t even my birthday.  She’s the best!!

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Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort!

My sister and I checked something off my 2017 Halloween to-do list that I totally forgot to put on there int he first place. We went to Disneyland Resort for their Halloween time. It’s one of very few non-scary things I do during the Halloween season but it’s always so much fun. We usually go for the snacks and the pictures so this will definitely be a photo heavy post. If you want to see the decorations and the snacks we ate, just keep reading! Continue reading

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Halloween Horror Nights? Check

My best friend and I actually went on september 15th for opening night. I go to a lot of halloween haunts every season but this one is consistently one of my favorites just because of the quality of the product. This year we went all out and got the RIP tickets, which are totally worth the price if you’re a person like me who only goes once a year and wants to do everything multiple times. It includes, valet parking, buffet dinner, unlimited front of the line for all rides and haunted attractions, and a guided tour of all the attractions. For me personally the unlimited front of the line alone was worth it.

There are plenty of full reviews of the whole event on the internet. I highly suggest Theme Park Adventure for all your haunt needs.  I’ll just be highlighting my favorites of the 2017 season. If you want to know which mazes and scare zones I loved, just keep reading.

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Jenna’s Spooky Scary Halloween Blogtacular

How does that sound for a title? I’m giving myself the challenge to blog everyday in Halloween. There is no October. Only Halloween. It probably won’t be all spooky scary stuff but I just want to motivate myself. 

I’ve got a few things checked off my Halloween to-do list already but I’ve been behind on editing photos for posts and getting them up on here due to life. I’m working on it though! I have a lot to catch everyone up on.

Life is looking better than it has in a long time and it’s my favorite time of year! I’m excited.
What do you have planned for Halloween? Have you picked out your costume yet? Let me know in the comments! 

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Watch the new It movie? CHECK

Part of my Halloween 2017 to-do list is to blog more about the things on the list as I complete them. So here I am doing it!

I am not a professional movie critic. I am a humble makeup artist who happens to be a die hard horror fan. So please just keep that in mind while reading this.

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Halloween To-Do List 2017

Don’t tell me it’s too early for this because I won’t listen!!

I’ve decided, that since I’m trying to be a more organized adult and actually plan things on paper these days, that I would actually write down everything I want to do this halloween season. I’m pretty proud of myself because it’s only september 12th, and I already have a couple of things checked off.  I’m also planning to write posts about the things I complete off the list as I complete them because I have just been in a difficult place the last few weeks and nothing motivates me like Halloween. If you want to see what I’ll be doing for the next couple of months, just keep on reading!

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